From 1974 until 2012 our lives centered around our business: Sharon’s Catering and Cakes.  Now, after spending time to “recover”  from those fun, but stress filled years of over 5000 wedding cakes, thousands of novelty cakes and hundreds of catering events, we have produced a cookbook containing valuable charts and information for catering events and our catering and cake recipes, including our “WHITE CHOCOLATE FROSTING”, and how to make lovely White Chocolate Bows that adorned so many of our beautiful wedding cakes.  (They tasted good, too!)

We have also written the recipes in an easy to follow step-by-step format, with larger print.  Food items that have pictures are noted in the cookbook and shown on our website, so that you can see these items as they appeared from an actual events.  Hence these are not the high resolution pictures you might be used to seeing in a regular cookbook.  They might have even been taken at your event!

Please go to our “Store” page to order your own copy of our cookbook.  We are also offering the white pastel coating (white chocolate) we used when making our White Chocolate Frosting in 2 pound increments – the amount you will need to make this fantastic frosting.  The listed prices for the White Chocolate INCLUDE SHIPPING.

We have done a lot of research and offer the cheapest shipping rates we can find:  Media rates for the cookbook, and Flat Rate Shipping for the White Chocolate.  These rates apply to U.S. ONLY.